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Cardboard Beverage and Wine Boxes

Cardboard Beverage and Wine Boxes
Whether you are moving house or just wanting to store your wine away safely, using cardboard wine boxes will make transporting your bottles easy. At Corrugated Carton Products, our wine shipping boxes are available in 6, 12, and 15 packs and include optional partition inserts to prevent rattling and damage in transit.
Beverage & Wine Boxes
Proper product containment is key in preventing product damage during shipping. We suggest you consider packing your wine bottles in 6, 12, and 15 pack boxes, with partition inserts placed within the cardboard wine boxes to prevent any potential damage in transit. Also available are machine-erected styles such as wrap around cases.

Box partitions are interior packaging which separate and protect products by creating individual cells into which the product is placed. The box’s partitions can also reduce box costs as well. As much as vertical columns or walls help support a ceiling or roof, properly designed partitions tremendously improve a box’s strength, especially for stacking purposes. In some cases, this enables partition users to reduce box grade and cost while delivering a stronger overall shipping container to their customers.