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Corrugated Carton Box Printing
Printed Cardboard Boxes At  Zemeijia Packaging

Print can be a very effective way to add value to your boxes. Company logo, product information, perhaps re-order information for your customers or safe handling to list but a few options.

We do flexo printing (short for flexographic) in house which is the most cost-effective way to produce printed cardboard boxes. Adding pennies rather than pounds to the box cost it is the ideal solution. Our machine is capable of printing up to 2 colours in one pass. 4 individual colours as a maximum with 2 passes.

We are equipped with an ink kitchen which enables us to blend our own inks, that means we can print whatever pantone colour you require or match to your company colours. This means you aren’t limited to a brown box with a black print (unless that’s what you want). For example, having a specific shade or green or that blue that matches your product, the unit cost of the box would be same as having a standard black print on the box.

Our machine operators will QC the print at the start and during the run to ensure that it matches your approved artwork. In addition, we have a photo-spectrometer to ensure accuracy on the colour consistency.

Printed Cardboard Boxes