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Qingdao Zemeijia Packaging Products Co., Ltd.has more than 10 sets of automatic equipment production lines, such as offset printing machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic die cutting machine, automatic wine box packaging carton production line, automatic corrugated box production line. More than 20 sets of supporting equipment. Design, printing, laminating, die cutting, paste box after the way of multi-process one-stop advanced production line cooperation, 24 hours efficient operation, for you each order quality and construction period escort!
Our Product:Food packaging box, cosmetic gift box, fruit packaging box, pizza box, Christmas gift box, beer and wine box packaging carton, flower packaging box, supermarket shelf box, clothing box, shoe box, delivery box, storage box, moving box, glass product packaging box.These products are used in food, gifts, fruits, wine, beverages, cosmetics, flowers, and clothing. Shoe materials, daily necessities, handicrafts, express packaging and other products.
Wine box packaging carton is a special carton, usually used for packaging wine products. They come in different shapes, sizes and printing designs to meet the needs of customers. The technological process of wine box packaging cartons includes printing, bonding, glazing, packing and transportation. These steps can be customized according to different customer requirements. The advantages of wine box packaging cartons include protecting products, improving brand image, increasing sales, and more.

Wine box packaging carton process:

1. Printing: Print on the carton according to the design pattern and text required by the customer.
2. Bonding: The printed cardboard is cut, folded, glued and other procedures to make wine boxes of different shapes.
3. Glazing: In order to improve the visual effect of the wine box and protect the printing surface, it is necessary to polish the wine box.
4. Packing: Pack the finished wine boxes into standard cartons according to certain specifications and quantities.
5.Transportation: Transport the packaged wine cartons to the designated place through logistics.
Qingdao Zemeijia sincerely welcomes your customization and order.
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Beer Packaging Box

Beer Packaging Box

Zemeijia is China manufacturers and suppliers who mainly produces beer packaging box with many years of experience.Hope to build business relationship with you.

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