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Chocolate Box
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  • Chocolate BoxChocolate Box

Chocolate Box

Zemeijia is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of chocolate boxes. The chocolate box is made of high-quality cardboard materials, with a beautiful appearance and exquisite packaging. Inside the box are chocolates of various flavors, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, etc. Each chocolate is packaged in a beautiful small box. This chocolate box is perfect for giving as a gift to family and friends or for holiday celebrations, and it will definitely leave a deep impression on people.

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Product Description

Zemeijia is a Chinese factory that produces chocolate boxes. Chocolate boxes are carefully crafted from high-quality cardboard boxes, and each chocolate box is meticulously crafted by experienced designers. The inside of the box can contain various flavors and shapes of chocolate, such as heart shaped, star shaped, spherical, etc. Each chocolate is made from all natural ingredients, ensuring the purity and naturalness of the taste. At the same time, the appearance of the chocolate box is also very exquisite. The box adopts a classic design, with chocolate patterns and passionate colors on the packaging, making people feel very elegant and charming. Chocolate boxes are perfect as holiday or birthday gifts for friends and family, as well as business gifts to express gratitude and blessings to customers. In short, chocolate boxes not only have high quality and value, but also convey love and care between people, making them a perfect gift.

Appearance design: The appearance of the chocolate box adopts exquisite design, and the outer packaging uses high-quality paper and printing technology, making the chocolate box look very elegant and beautiful.

Internal structure: The internal structure of the chocolate box is also very exquisite, adopting a multi-layer design, allowing each layer of chocolate to be packaged in an independent small box, ensuring the freshness and taste of the chocolate. At the same time, the chocolate box is also equipped with a small drawer where you can place some small gifts or blessings.

Taste category: The chocolate box contains a variety of chocolates with different flavors, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, etc. Each flavor has a different flavor and taste, giving people different taste enjoyment.

Applicable occasions: Chocolate boxes are very suitable as holiday gifts or business gifts for family, friends, or customers. They can also be used for celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and Valentine's Day, making them very practical and gift oriented.

Packaging materials: After the chocolate box is made, it needs to be packaged to maintain its freshness and hygiene. Packaging materials can choose from transparent plastic bags or color boxes, and ribbons, greeting cards, etc. can also be used to enhance the gift feeling.

Decorative materials: Chocolate boxes can also be decorated in various ways, such as printing, stamping, spraying, etc., to increase their aesthetics and attractiveness. Decorative materials include ink, gold foil, dyes, etc.

In short, a chocolate box is a very valuable and meaningful gift. It not only satisfies people's taste buds, but also expresses emotions and blessings between people.

The production of chocolate boxes requires a certain level of technology and experience. If you need to produce chocolate boxes in large quantities, please contact us and we will produce exquisite chocolate boxes that meet your requirements.

Chocolate Box

Printing Works Process:

1. Typesetting and Composition

2. Copy Assembly and Process Photography

3. Image Carrier Preparation

4. Photomechanical Image Carrier Preparation

5. Light-sensitive Coatings

6. Photopolymeric Coatings

7. Diazo Coatings

8. Bichromated Colloid Coatings

Corrugated & Cardboard Box:

1. Pulping the pine chips

2. Making kraft paper

3. Shipping and storing the kraft paper

4. Corrugating the cardboard

5. Forming the blanks into boxes

6. Quality Control.

Chocolate BoxChocolate BoxChocolate BoxChocolate BoxChocolate BoxChocolate Box

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