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Sushi Box

Zemeijia is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of sushi boxes. Sushi box is a box used for packaging other Japanese foods such as sushi. It is usually made of cardboard or plastic material and can have different shapes and sizes to accommodate different types and sizes of sushi. Sushi boxes can protect sushi from external pollution and damage, and are convenient to carry and store. In addition to packaging sushi, sushi boxes can also be used to package other Japanese foods, such as tempura, sashimi, and so on.

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Product Description

Zemeijia is a Chinese factory specializing in manufacturing sushi boxes. Sushi boxes are usually made of environmentally friendly, hygienic, and safe materials, such as cardboard or plastic. Their shapes and sizes can be customized according to different needs to accommodate different types and sizes of sushi or other Japanese foods. Sushi boxes are usually equipped with plastic partitions that can separate different types of sushi or other foods to prevent cross contamination. In addition, some sushi boxes also come with tableware sets, such as chopsticks, soy sauce packets, mustard packets, and so on, for convenience to consumers.

When using a sushi box, care should be taken to place the sushi neatly to avoid mutual compression and collision between sushi, resulting in deformation or damage. When carrying sushi boxes, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and high temperatures to avoid affecting the taste and quality of sushi. In addition, after using sushi boxes, garbage should be promptly cleaned and disposed of to do a good job in environmental protection.

Some basic instructions for using sushi boxes:

1. Choose a suitable sushi box: Select the appropriate size and shape for the type and quantity of root sushi.

2. Place sushi: Place sushi evenly in the box to avoid mutual compression and collision. If there is no compartment inside the sushi box, it is necessary to separate the sushi with tools such as bamboo sticks.

3. Filled compartment: If there is a plastic compartment inside the sushi box, seasonings such as soy sauce and mustard can be placed in the compartment.

4. Closing the box: Close the lid of the sushi box to ensure that the lid fits securely and avoids scattering or contamination of the sushi when the lid is loose or opened.

5. Carrying and storing: When carrying sushi boxes, keep them stable and avoid shaking and collision. When storing, keep it cool and dry, away from direct sunlight and warm environments, to avoid affecting the taste and quality of sushi.

6. Cleaning and recycling: After using the sushi box, the residue should be cleaned and recycled or disposed of in accordance with local environmental requirements. If the sushi box is not used once, it needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure hygiene and safety.

The above are some basic instructions for using sushi boxes. When using sushi boxes, you should follow the actual situation.

Features of sushi box:

1. Food grade paper board, with or without PE coated inside are available

2. Can with or wihout PLA / PET / PE /OPP clear window

3. Customised design is welcome, flexo or offset printing avaliable

4. Can be custom print your company logo as your requested

5. SGS, FDA certificates, can directly contact with food, Eco-friendly

6. Will pack according to our standard export packaging

7. Export to all over the world. Welcome come to us.

Sushi BoxSushi BoxSushi BoxSushi Box

Why choose us?

1. 100% Factory & manufactuer, saving your costs than buying from trading company.

2. Professional equipment and facility, such as advanced Printing & cutting machine.

3. Experiences designers and technician of packaging and printing aspect for various products.

4. Strict quality control system, make sure every piece of product to be 100% qualified.

5. With efficient management and high productivity, short delivery time within .

Near Sea Port and Air port, quite convernient for business and transportation.

Surface treatment of sushi box:

1. UV Spot: Ultra-violet cured coatings can be applied over ink printed on paper and dried by exposure to UV radiation. UV coatings can be formulated up to 100% solids so that they have no volatile component that contributes to pollution. This high solids level also allows for the coating to be applied in very thin films.

UV coatings can be formulated to a wide variety of gloss ranges. UV coating can be applied via most conventional industrial coating applications as well as bysilkscreen.

2. Glossy finish: Art papers are one of the highest quality printing papers and are used for illustrated books, calendars and brochures. The grammage varies from 100 to 230 g/m2.

These papergrades are triple coated with 20 - > 40 g/m2/side and have matteor glossy finish.

Higher qualities often contain cotton.

3. Matt Finish: A dull finish or surface, as opposed to a shiny one.

4. Varnish: Resin dissolved in a liquid applying on wood, metal, or other materials to form a hard, clear, shiny surface after dry.

5. Foil Stamping: Typically a commercial printing process, is the application of metallic or pigmented foil on to a solid surface by application of a heated die onto foil, making it permanently adhere to the surface below leaving the design of the dye.

6. Embossing: The raising of paper and other non-metal products using specific tools to accomplish the task

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